Roulette Bot Pro

There are a lot of automated roulette software programs around, and roulette bot pro is one of the more well known ones. It is upgraded quite often, and the latest one was in late summer 2010, it was upgraded to version 3. It’s packed full of features and I am going to be speaking about a few of them today.

You can use this current version at a good amount of casinos. Roulette bot pro can be used at a variety of different types of casinos, compared to the usual roulette bots which can mainly only be used at a Playtech casino.

It can be used at Microgaming, RTG and Vegas Technology as well as Playtech. It also has a few custom casinos where it can be used such as Bet Voyager and Dublin Bet. There’s a good reason for both of these casinos being manually added to the software too.

Bet Voyager was added because they have no zero roulette meaning that there isn’t a house edge. They will accept players from the USA too, Microgaming and Playtech do not allow that at the moment.

There are live wheels available at Dublin Bet, which is why they have been added. On a live wheel, you watch a real wheel through a webcam but use the software to place your bets. Roulette bot pro has the ability to play on these live wheels just like it can at normal online casinos. This is very good because some people are sceptical about whether or not online roulette is rigged so they prefer live wheels.

Roulette bot pro in now way interferes with the casino software either, which is a decent point to make. This is because it uses image recognition technology, so even if it was a person it could not see anything more.

My advice when using it would be to use really conservative settings and to be patient, preferably with small bets. If you get greedy and try to win too much, you will just keep losing so patience is definitely the key.