Online Roulette

If you search the internet for information about online roulette then you will not be short of results. They write about various roulette casinos and commercial roulette systems. The problem is that a lot of these people don’t know what they’re talking, especially when it comes to reviewing roulette systems.

These reviews paint a completely wrong picture for the users and are not very accurate reviews at all. For example, do a search for roulette sniper on Google. This will bring back lots of pages of bogus reviews that are just not accurate. Such reviews are composed by Clickbank affiliates, the only interest that they have is to make money, not to write helpful reviews.

I cannot believe that people actually write lies like this. The false information doesn’t just end at roulette system reviews; it also applies to casino reviews. These reviews are often on websites and they detail which casinos are best, not in the order of which are the best quality, but which ones pay them the most.

Many casinos have a 6 day payout time. There are also casinos that will pay players within 24 hours. I cannot understand why people would recommend the slow paying casinos over the fast ones for any reason other than money.

The final piece of bad advice that is being spread around is accepting casino bonuses and playing roulette. Lots of websites say that in order to stand your best chance of winning you should accept a bonus from the casino. This is complete rubbish because the bonuses come with wagering requirements and roulette doesn’t count. Playing roulette with your bonus money would therefore not count anything towards the wagering requirements and you would not be able to cash out any of your winnings.

With all of this false information, knowing who to trust is difficult. Well you could take a look at online roulette king which is the most comprehensive guide to online roulette. This website is probably the most useful one out the as the creator has real exeperience.

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